Holiday Reading Review

P.D James:Death in Holy Orders – I have recently returned to reading PD James having read a lot of them when I was a teenager. I have read her latest ones back to back and was disappointed to find that they were very formulaic e.g. involving isolated communities by the sea. To make matters worse the same imagery, concepts and in some cases sentences were used over and over again. I recently had a conversation with a budding young author who informed me that she had been given a list by a potential publisher of what to include in her novel (including a happy ending!) Talk about quashing originality!
Dan Brown: The Lost Symbol – as ever I found it a hard book to put down. His research always astounds me. However, the last few chapters were unbelievable, with Katherine Solomon prancing about despite huge blood loss and Peter Solomon being particularly chirpy after what could only be termed as the worst 24 hours in his life
James Redfield -Celestine Prophecy. I was informed that this book would change my life. It has. It has made me determined never to read a James Redfield novel again. I had to force myself to read it. It did draw on some interesting Philosophical and Psychological concepts though and I think I would encourage my students to read it with a very critical standpoint.


~ by envisioningutopia on August 13, 2011.

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