Reasons why you should wear Blue Nail polish

Justification for Blue Nail Polish on your toes
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There are a number of reasons why you might be compelled to wear blue nail polish on your feet. The most obvious being:

1. If you have recently run a Marathon – anyone who has ever engaged in such a pursuit will know that you are prone to bruised feet and nail loss. After running one, I was taken to a spa, where I was given a pedicure. The lady who was painting my nails chose a bright pink with which to paint them. Unfortunately this really clashed with the purple/blue hue of my feet. I should have gone for blue, then people would have thought that my feet were supposed to look the colour they did

2. Secondly if you are a witch, or dressing up as a witch (in the summer) then blue toe polish would be a good thing to wear. Obviously this is climactically limited if you are dressing up for Halloween in England, as usually you would have three pairs of socks and wellies on your feet.

3. There is a piece of advice that you should always wear clean underwear in case you have an accident and end up in hospital. I think that this advice should be extended to people should also wear blue nail polish rather than red or pink. That way, if you die whilst in hospital you will not clash on the mortuary table. Reds and pinks are too vibrant for dead people and may give said dead people a clownish look. Blue, black or purple should however be appropriate and give you a more natural look.

4. To stand out /or fit in. Obviously if you are hanging round with girlie girls you will stand out. If you hang round with Goths. You’ll fit in.

5. Because your feet look excellent if you take a picture of your blue toe nails surrounded by autumn leaves. (please see blog referred to above). However, if you leave your shoes off for too long in such weather the effect is not so dramatic when your feet go blue to match.

6. Finally – because you can.


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  1. LOL love it!!!

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