Kitchen Mayhem

Blogging has taken a backseat as I have entered a world that I have only heard rumours about before. Having your kitchen redone. At first, I naively embraced the idea. After all our kitchen was literally falling apart. If the builder hadn’t come in, it would have pretty much demolished itself. My advice is, just run in the opposite direction should you ever have such thought of home improvement. It occurred to me a week before he was due to start that I needed to ignore my husband’s casual comment of emptying out the kitchen the night before and may be I should embark on this task sooner. Three days later and I was still packing stuff into boxes. It is not just a case of clearing the kitchen, but also putting the contents in places where you can access it easily. As well as, clearing areas to put the kitchen boxes in. A friend laughed when I said that we would be taking the washing machine out the night before.
‘Be careful, the water will go everywhere.’ I laughed. Sure enough it did.
Not only was I clearing the kitchen but I was preparing micorwaveable dishes, so that in the two weeks without an operational kitchen, we could eat.
If this does not deter you, go to a tile shop. I went with a clear idea of what I wanted and came out more confused than when I went in. Needless to say the work has started and we are still no closer to deciding.


~ by envisioningutopia on October 30, 2011.

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