Another ordinary day – I wish

Okay so the mayhem in the kitchen continues. The neighbours have been round for the umpteenth time to tell us the crimes against humanity that our builder has committed during the day. There’s nothing like tolerance. I believe that I should employ them as babysitters. I could go to work and my kids would be safe at home in the knowledge that the neighbours would be watching every move they make. I’m glad that my tolerant other half opened the door. Glad for them anyway. As I write this there is a strange noise coming from the cat. On the positive side, I found my son’s school shoe, which has been missing for two days. It was under the stairs!

I also found the telephone that my husband put down somewhere. It too had migrated under the stairs!
My son has formulated a theory that we have a beast that lives (you’ve guessed it) under the stairs which has hidden everything.

Excuse me back in a moment the cat has just been sick.
Back again and sick free. My theory for the disappearances of shoe and phone, is that the house is in total chaos and I am the only one attempting at bring some form of order. The rest of the family may feel that this is open to debate. For those of you feeling that I am heartless about my cat. The food he has brought up is not anything that I have given him to eat. He has stolen it from somewhere. So perhaps it’ll teach him not to steal.


~ by envisioningutopia on November 2, 2011.

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