I’m a very bad person

Okay so I have finally snapped. The neighbour came round to complain about the slight tapping that had been going on for 3 minutes. It was the kind of noise you can read difficult Philosophical problems to. I was doing this at the time.

She told me she didn’t think that she was unreasonable. I begged to differ and I’m afraid I might have shut the door in her face.

I’m sure that my reader following has now fallen through the floor.They say that from every negative event comes a positive one. I have been inspired to write a poem about it and I will post it shortly, I have thought about posting it through her door as a means of peace making but as it is entitled ‘My Neurotic Neighbour.’ It might just tip her over the edge. Though I think she fell over it a long time ago. There’s more been going on than I’ve covered in this blog and I think if I were to outline the whole saga you may forgive my transgression. I am looking forward to the evening visit from her husband and they now seem to be taking it in shifts to torment us.


~ by envisioningutopia on November 3, 2011.

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