Ghosthunters in York: Part 1

Friday night I rushed home from work and left instructions for my husband on how to keep the kids alive for the weekend. To be honest, you’d think I was asking him to keep alive a rare species. He nodded and then admitted that he hadn’t been listening to a word that I had said. Plan B was to brief the kids. It was in their interests to remember what I said if they wanted to eat at the weekend. At 6.30pm I’m climbing into Jen’s car and next stop is to pick up Het. We storm up the M1 in the pouring rain to York and arrive about 9.30pm, where we meet the undead landlady (as Het refers to her) I think she’s being a bit harsh, but it’s a spooky weekend so I go with the flow. We decide to start with a bottle of wine and plan the next day’s excursions.
After a hearty breakfast, we’re off.
First stop the castle walls and a spooky room that we can only see properly if we pop our cameras through it and make them flash. We pass the Golden Fleece pub (reputedly the most haunted pub in York) before reaching Cliffords Tower. The ground around the tower is supposed to be red, due to the on mass suicide of a number of Jews. It looks disappointingly brown to me. We wander round, all reporting feeling very dizzy. It seems the tower is listing and when you go up the spiral satircases it accentuates a feeling of dizziness. Spookily enough I have real trouble getting my camera to work. It won’t focus on Jen or Hetty at all. Is it ghostly entities interfering with the equipment or am I just really inept at taking photos. Eventually it did work and I got a couple of photos which give you an impression of what the tower was like.

After the Tower, we decide to head for the graveyards. First stop is a graveyard where Dick Turpin, the famous highway man, was buried. The strange thing about the graveyard is that most of the grave stones are flat. In this particular instance we were lucky the graveyard was actually open. However, there was no real atmosphere to the place as it was more like a park than anything else. We move on to another graveyard, down from the Cork and Bottle pub. This is a very isolated graveyard and albeit small it does have a tremendous sense of peace about it. You can see the foundations of an old chapel and in the middle of where the chapel used to be is a bent tree, with some of the most twisted branches I have ever seen. I decided to look in amongst its branches, to find that it was some local kids’ halloween den. The had hung fake cobwebs from the branches and plastic spiders. This graveyard is rumoured to be haunted and most people do in fact report a sense of calmness. I go along with their reports.


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