Ghost Hunting Part 2 This time it’s personal

Having frequented some graveyards, we made our way down the old city wall that surrounds York. It is in the Micklegate bar that a girl called Sarah spent her life trying to find the lost keys to the city. She supposedly still haunts it today, though unfortunately there was no jangle of keys that we could hear. We ended up in the Botannical gardens and it was here where our frustrations grew. We were able to walk through the ruins of St Mary’s abbey, but unfortunately we were not able to go into the graveyard situated next to it. I’ve enclosed photos taken through the railings. I think it would have been a very atmospheric place to wander round.

We sampled a couple of pubs on our way up to the Minster. The first being the Guy Fawkes pub. This seemed apt as it was Guy Fawkes night and he was born in York. The second was a pub, ‘The hole in the Wall’ where they found a bricked up area when they were renovating the place. It contained mannacles and what looked like torture equipment. It is rumoured that footsteps can still be heard. We even saw a man in the street playing a piano dressed as Guy Fawkes (slightly weird)
Picture it now. It’s getting dark and the snickleways (as the small winding streets in York are called) are getting dark.

Desperate for some more spooky experiences we see a sign telling us that there is a haunted house. It is too good an opportunity to pass up. We sign up and enter…..


~ by envisioningutopia on November 8, 2011.

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