Now the Ghost hunting really begins

35 Stonegate, has appeared on ‘Most Haunted’and when wandering about it it is easy to see why. The entrance to the main house is through a shop front. The shop sells witches’ brooms, candles, incense, spell books etc, just in case you weren’t already in the mood. We do not have a tour guide, but an audio tape is set off as you go into each room, telling you about the house and its history. The most uncomfortable I felt was in the attic and in a room where seances had been held. I certainly would not have been happy at being left alone in them. There was something nasty about these rooms, whereas I would have had no problem staying anywhere else on my own. Indeed we were taken to the cellar and the timer timed out on us. We were all stuck in the pitch black unable to open the door. This had no effect on me at all. Afterwards we met a rather strange lady who read tarot cards. I think I would call her ‘on edge’ and then we headed down to the Golden Fleece, where the only scary thing that was happening was a Hen night out, who saw fit to flash various parts of their anatomy at passers by.
We joined a Ghost Tour and were taken through the snickleways by a man dressed in a top hat and overcoat. He was extremely funny, especially as he projected a posh voice and then occasionally slipped into a thick Yorkshire accent. He had us wave at people in the local Italian restaurant and pull scary faces at them. The restaurant staff then laid in wait for us with horrible masks and jumped out of a side alley. We were told about a legion of soldiers who march through the streets. A girl , who lived on Stonegate who had fallen to her death. The one that had the most impact was about a small girl, whose parents thought that she had the plague. They put her to bed one night, locked the door and left her. They put a red cross on their front door, so when people saw her clawing at the window for help, they wouldn’t help her as they knew she was infectious. The irony was that when they did go in, after she had died, they discovered that she never had the plague.
The smaller window is where she is usually seen scratching and crying for help. Another story included a work house where children were abused. One boy was stuffed into a cupboard, when the workhouse manager thought he had died. He was locked up with other corpses and when he came to he screamed. The other children in the workhouse became hysterical and the manager panicked, killing every one of them. Some new houses have been built next to the site and residents report hearing children screaming. The Ghost tour was excellent, both light hearted and moving. Having been walking since 9am, we decided to head back to the living dead staff at the bed and breakfast. Sunday morning I went for a run. I revisited most of the sites we had been to the prevvious day. In particular, the child in the locked room, to see if she was at the window. York Minster was bathed in sunlight and no one was around, apart from an old man who was lifting non existent weights in the park. Although it was a beautiful day, I felt uneasy jogging down Stonegate and I don’t think it was because of the stories I had been told. It just has a very disturbed atmosphere about it.
After breakfast, we headed back down to the botannical gardens to the site of an old hospital. There were tabernacles laid out in the open, with no explanation as to why.
We went back round St Mary’s ruins and came across even more of the tabernacles.
Finally we wended our way through the snickleways to the ‘Last Drop Inn’ for lunch and popped into one more spooky graveyard before wending our way home.
Overall, it was a good weekend. I think we did encounter something, though I found the Edinburgh Ghost hunt more atmospheric and slightly more spooky!


~ by envisioningutopia on November 9, 2011.

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