A quick rant before I go to bed

Why is it when you are waiting for something to come through the post, it never comes? I have now been waiting for a work contract for 3 weeks. They told me they have posted it and all I have had is Tesco vouchers (I don’t shop at Tesco’s) Pizza vouchers (we only pig out on pizza when my husband’s away) and he’s not. Bills (oh yes they always get through) but important work contract (no). Extra special Christmas present (no). Are you getting the gist? I went on the Royal Mail website to attempt to complain, but I can’t even do that. They explain that you need to contact them to complain, but then don’t give you any way of contacting them (except through the post) and that propbably won’t get there. There is the opportunity to pass your comments to someone called ‘Dear Sarah’ but she tends to give you a list of answers not at all related to your complaint. Besides if I needed an agony aunt, I don’t think I would use an employee of the Royal Mail. Perhaps I should phone, or better still turn up at the sorting office, all guns blazing. But these are tough people, they deliver (sometimes) to people who own scary dogs. I would complain, if I thought it would make a difference. However the only difference I think it would make is for my fragile deliveries to be smashed and my important documents to be ripped. Perhaps, like Harry Potter, I should invest in an owl. Though if my luck holds it will probably be shot!


~ by envisioningutopia on November 10, 2011.

One Response to “A quick rant before I go to bed”

  1. I hope you felt better for that.

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