So much to do.

Writing Progress
It has been one of those bizarre weeks where I’ve been very busy, but not actually got anything I really need to get done, completed. The contract came through (yipee) so ‘The Medi’ should be published in January. I sent off my bibliography, synopsis, tag line and photo (blah) to the publisher. Now I’ve a lot of publicising to do. I also have to get a review, as well as continue with the numerous other writing projects that I am hoping to complete by the end of the year. The first draft of ‘Emerson Street’ is almost complete and ‘Sycax’ is kind of nearly there. I hope to post up a taster of ‘The Medi’ next week. Two competition entries have gone off and I seem to be just about keeping up at work, though my energy levels are fast sapping away. As for friends and family, I’m trying to spend as much time as I can with them and Christmas preparations are well under way.

Supernatural exploits
Next Ghost hunting plan is to either pop over to Clophill, which I am in the process or researching or going to Bradwell Abbey. I also visited Anil Balan’s blog and am planning to download his Ghost book on Oxford. So ghostly stuff still on the go.

Positive Psychology
In terms of Psychology, we are getting the students to fill out the second happiness questionnaire next week and they have given me another play list of music. It’s funny how their moods really do seem affected by music. I have to do a presentation in a couple of weeks at the Milton Keynes Psychology teachers’ meeting into how well Positive Psychology is being implemented in a classroom environment. I will post a copy of the results and presentation up on the blog.

Mini Murder Day
Finally, we are implementing a ‘mini murder day’ in tutorials next term. Each week a different tutorial group will be involved in analysing information from a scene of crime. I’m still trying to work out how this will work but initial ideas is to have the forensics team to analyse a scene of crime one week and write a report. This information will be given to the Psychologists and Sociologists who will offender profile the scene (not sure if I will set up the murder scene for them again yet) The lawyers will then be given forensic and psychological reports and have a lesson on either the type of murder or writing pre trial reports (need to talk to the lawyers) Then the English and Film group can write relevant articles or carry out documentary. It’s vague so I’ll be liaising with everyone next week. Wish me luck. It takes ages to write it.


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2 Responses to “So much to do.”

  1. That’s fantastic news about the book, well done! I’m very impressed. Looking forward to reading it.

  2. Congratulations on finally receiving your contract. Patience is a virtue (so I’ve been told).

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