Vomit and allergies

It’s amazing how quickly children can get sick. One minute you are footling along and then Bam!. Thursday was such a day. We went to the doctor’s for my eldest son’s flu jab and then my youngest went out to footie. The Roast went into the oven, and all seemed fine with the world. At 7.30pm we sat down for tea, where I resolutely ignored my youngest, when he complained of a tummy ache. He is a bit of a whiner and a hypochondriac. I should have known better. Off they went to bed and I breathed a sigh of relaxation. I was planning on watching the final part of a film called ‘Monsters’ and then turn in. There was a scream from upstairs and the deep sound of my husband’s voice, telling my youngest that he would get mummy. For a brief second I was tempted to hide under the sofa. But, to be honest, I don’t think I’d fit.
‘Alex has a really bad tummy.’ My husband told me taking up MY place of the sofa. A dose of calpol, a hot water bottle and a back rubbing session later and Alex was in full theatrical mode. He had never been in such agony. I decided that maybe a bucket would be called for and sure enough he resolutely began to fill it.
I lamented the loss of the roast I had cooked earlier that day. The students suggested the next day that I should have frozen the sick and given it to him the next day. They’re a bit weird like that. It couldn’t get worse. Or so I thought, as I held my breath and watched him vomit. It was ten o’clock and Thomas decided to make and appearance. Thomas is the opposite of Alex in the illness stakes. He would casually tell you that his arm had fallen off, but not to worry. Thomas was so polite it was heart-rending.
‘Sorry mum I can see you are busy,’
‘I’m not busy’ I countered as I thrust the bucket under Alex’s nose and he chucked up again. How does someone so small puke so much? Thomas rolled up his sleeve.
‘Should my arm look like this?’ My heart sank as the injection site and the top of Tom’s arm had swollen to an impressive size.
‘Not really.’ I squeaked. It was going to be a busy night.
A phone call to the out of hours Doctor’s service cleared up some of the problems. We had a list of things that, if Alex started experiencing them, we should go to the hospital immediately. We hid the list from Alex, because he would start to experience all of them if he knew about them. We also knew when we had to ring back with Thomas. My heart sank, knowing Thomas, we would be chatting with the doctor before morning. Eventually, Alex could puke no more and went to sleep. Thomas went back to bed and I spent the night too-ing and fro-ing between the two, checking for any changes. The morning brought a slightly better Alex and a progression in symptoms for Thomas. Time to phone back…..


~ by envisioningutopia on November 26, 2011.

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