A job Advert for Teaching

I wonder if people knew what being a teacher really involved would anyone apply. I remember being pregnant when someone showed me a job advert aimed at being a mother. As they went down the job description for what being a mother involved, it all seemed like a really bad idea.
Put starkly on paper, teaching can look like a horrendous job. There is no way that it is 9-5pm. Many of us work late into the evening, marking, preparing lessons and writing reports. But you have long holidays (nope), with constant syllabi changes, the need to change to the ever changing demands of OFSTED, the government and students, holidays tend to get smaller. It is not just about being inside the classroom, there is so much tracking, student welfare etc outside. The classroom bit to some extent is easy. Think of it as a six hour improvisation, on somewhat complex material in front of the most critical audience in the world and your somewhere close to knowing what teaching is like. Any teacher will tell you, no matter how good your plan, your resources. No matter how long you’ve been teaching your luck can radically change from one hour to the next. You can teach two classes the same thing, one after another and one can be a resounding success and the other a failure.
However, this is the draw for me. The buzz of the battle. One of my favourite things about teaching is to see the students change. To start with silly discussions and progress to well argued evidence-based arguments. To have a student come into a class and say they thought about what you said and they don’t agree. To open their results and celebrate that they have the opportunity to go on and do what they want to do. You see to me that is why I undergo the hell, because the rewards are priceless.


~ by envisioningutopia on November 29, 2011.

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