From the Germ of an idea to Publication – the journey so far. Part 1: Hang in There.

April 2010 and I am out walking through the countryside with a group of friends, chatting to my eldest son about writing. I have had an idea. I want to write fantasy and the plot is beginning to formulate in my head. The funny thing is, that I thought at the time it would be far more simplistic to write fantasy than say an historical novel, because you can create the world you want. I couldn’t have been more naïve, creating a consistent and unique world couldn’t have been more complicated. Whereas you already have a history in our world and systems already set up, these all have to be set up from scratch in a fantasy world.
In the past when I have tried to write I have always got so far and then run out of inspiration. ‘The Medi’ was different. It sounds pretentious but it really felt as though I was talking to people in another world. Once they started talking I couldn’t shut them up. I just kept writing and writing.
I decided to take up a short writing course with the Open University to get some direction. It was a fantastic course because it gave me so much inspiration. I started experimenting with different points of view, different tenses. I wrote about a wide variety of things and found the world around me inspirational.
I got talking to some friends about my new found hobby. It sounded like a confessional. I thought they would laugh. To my surprise I found that they were writing too and soon we were meeting regularly to discuss different pieces we had written. To this day I find them inspirational and owe them so much. Something they like to remind me about on a regular basis. (Their blogs can be found on the side bar.)
I then started a more in-depth writing course with the Open University. I put my writing on their forum. My tutor advised me to put ‘The Medi’ in a drawer and revisit it a few months time. This I duly did. First, I made the big mistake of allowing my husband to read it. He spent three hours reading around thirty pages. He then came down with a list of criticisms, which had me sitting with my finger over the delete button, ready to erase all traces of ‘The Medi’. It was soul-destroying. I spoke to my tutor about it.
‘Oh there’s a bit of advice I forgot to tell you’ she said. ‘Never let your partner read your book. They’re far too close to it.’
So I won’t be doing that EVER again.


~ by envisioningutopia on December 10, 2011.

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