Christmas trees and 3 year olds

It always interests me when I watch young children, whether the traits that they possess early on in life will determine what they will do when they are older. Sometimes I wish I could fast forward to have a peek. For example one of my sons has a friend who is incredibly safety conscious. He will do a risk assessment of every situation and advise on the best way to proceed with the minimum risk. He is only nine and I have him down as a Health and Safety Inspector.
My three year old nephew was staying at the weekend and after he tired with lego, I suggested that we put up the Christmas tree.
‘Hold on a minute. I draw Christmas tree first.’ My reaction was to be pleased. It meant I had a little bit more time before having the headache of crawling about in the loft. After a few minutes he presented me with a lovely drawing of a Christmas tree. I kept my end of the bargain and faffed about in the loft and then we started the onerous task of constructing it. What I didn’t realise was that his drawing was his blueprint of how the tree should look when it was finished. Naively, I put a bauble on the tree, only to be stopped in my tracks by my nephew waving his picture.
‘No not like that, like this.’ He pointed at his pencil sketch. Needless to say the bauble was removed and put on what he deemed was the appropriate branch. Then he tested the lights. Every so often he would switch off the main light and turn on the Christmas tree lights to check how it looked in the dark. If he deemed it appropriate I was allowed to continue decorating under his close supervision. Needless to say it took a long time to decorate the tree. I suppose what did irritate me was when his brothers and my sons came in they decided to ‘help’ too. My little nephew was not so rigid with his instructions with them and seemed to lose interest. I watched as the tree slowly began to bow under the weight of the decorations. Needless to say they used up all our decorations and we don’t have any left for the rest of the house. As for my little nephew. He is either going to be some sort of architect or engineer.


~ by envisioningutopia on December 12, 2011.

One Response to “Christmas trees and 3 year olds”

  1. I’ve been letting my daughter decorate the tree since she was little. After she leaves to go play or whatever, I always redistribute the decorations, so bald spots are covered and all the ornaments aren’t concentrated on one spot. She’s never noticed.

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