Scribal Gathering

On the second Tuesday of each month in the quaint village of Stony Stratford there is a meeting of the Scribal Gathering. ‘Do you feel enlightened?’ The scribal gathering is an open mic session for musicians and poets, where if you feel so inspired you can go up and try out your creativity in front of an audience. I must admit I certainly did not feel brave enough to do this, but I did take part in the post it not poetry competition (and won). You probably can see my head expanding with pride. The post it note competition involves being given a topic at the beginning of the evening. You write your poem on a post it note and submit it. The subject tends to be two different topics which are completely opposing to each other. This month it was the Syrian Uprising and Pantomimes in a morose, upbeat style. I’m not particularly enamoured with my entry but see what you think. It kind of went like this.

There’s an uprising in Syria
‘Oh no there isn’t’
With murder, torture and hysteria.
Death lurks at every turn.
‘He’s behind you’
People are shot, houses burn.
Some say it is a crime
‘Oh yes it is’
It’s such a horrific time.

As well as substandard poems as above, there were also some awesome poets. One who wrote about purple juice and orange juice. Another who wrote a very angry poem about weekend dads. Even the bard of Stony Stratford took his turn. There was also a variety of music, including a ban called Final Clearance. I particularly liked their almost tribal music with the heavy drum beat. I certainly will go back and hopefully if my IT skills are up to it, there should be a link at the side of my blog if you are interested in more details. Needless to say, my first ever writing prize of a Scribal Gathering mug, sits proudly amongst our other mugs. I did ask my husband to build a trophy cabinet, but he was of the opinion that it might be a bit excessive. Fair enough.


~ by envisioningutopia on December 15, 2011.

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