From the Germ of an idea to Publication – the journey so far. Part 2: Be precise.

I eventually got ‘The Medi’ out of the drawer and decided to try and do something with it. I had experimented with it when we were set different tasks on my writing course. For example if we were set a task on setting a scene, then I would have a go setting a scene within the novel. I didn’t always use what I produced, but it certainly made me view my novel in a different way. Then I started to send my book off to publishers using The Publisher’s handbook. I got some nice rejections and some very brief rejections. So I put it aside and thought about it. On reflection, the key problems with my submissions were that
1. I had not been specific enough about finding a publisher that published my genre. It took me a while to pinpoint what my genre was. Once I was clearer about it I did my more specific targeting of publishers.
2. My synopsis was not in keeping with the tone of the book. I am quite a scientific person and am used to writing very scientific pieces of work. I’m afraid that is exactly what my synopsis sounded like. It was very detached. I changed the style so that it was in keeping with the tone of the book.
Coming up in part 3……What happened with the publisher


~ by envisioningutopia on December 16, 2011.

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