Confessions of a Chocolate addict

It started a few months ago. First of all I put it down to paranormal activity, as any normal mother would, but then it continued and I began to suspect another source of the problem. At our house we have the purple tin of treats, for when kids visit and for the kids’ lunch boxes. For some inexplicable reason it kept diminishing in contents rather quickly. Now I am a chocoholic, but I knew that it wasn’t all me. A chocolate loving poltergeist? The scientist in me said ‘no’. A few days later I was tidying out my youngest son’s room. Lo and behold I found some chocolate wrappers.I called him to account for said rubbish, only to be told that they had been in his pocket from ages ago. I suggested that he might like to put them in the bin, rather than on the floor. I did not really cotton on at the time, that he looked relieved.
The next evening I was watching t.v., when I heard a noise from the kitchen. It sounded like the purple tin needed my help. I raced out into the hall, to see a shadow retreating quickly upstairs. I followed in hot pursuit, finding myself at my youngest son’s bedroom door.
‘Alex were you in the kitchen?’ I pushed the door open to find him sitting up in bed reading a book.
‘No.’ he squeaked. Not looking me in the eye.
‘Then can you explain to me why your face is covered in chocolate and there is a strange rustling sound coming from the pocket of your dressing gown.’ He blushed and tears filled his eyes. ‘Mum, I just can’t help myself. It’s too tempting. They ask me to eat them.’ He promptly emptied the contents of his pockets on to the bed.
They say that the first step to recovery from an addiction, is to admit you have a problem. It certainly seems true. It’s now just before Christmas and temptation to relapse is at an all time high. Some friends turned up last week, with a large tin of chocolates and my youngest went pale. After they went he sidled up to me and sat on my knee.
‘Mum? Please put the tin up very high on the shelf. You know I just can’t help myself.’


~ by envisioningutopia on December 19, 2011.

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