A big kid at Christmas

To me, it’s Christmas Eve that is the most magical part of Christmas. I don’t ever want to open those beautifully wrapped presents and know that all that they contain are socks and scarves. I love the anticipation of Christmas Day. A perfect Christmas Eve for me involves some form of exercise. I love running in the early morning when it’s still dark. I love going out for blustery walks with the kids. It makes coming home so much nicer. I love the fact it is dark early. The Christmas lights look so magical and home is so cosy. Usually we go to the cinema in the late afternoon (sometimes one of my sons’ friends comes with us.) Then we come home and have light tea. The best bit is the walk in the dark to look for Father Christmas. We each take a torch and keep our eyes peeled for his sleigh. One year whilst we were out in the fields, we heard a hunting horn and could see a string of lights bobbing up and down ahead. It was a group of orienteerers out in the dark. They were wearing santa hats and antlers, out for a Christmas Eve party. When the children were younger we would then come home and go into the back garden and scatter tinsel and bran out for the reindeer so that Father Christmas could find our house.
I also love going out to the 11.30pm carol service at our local 13th Century church. For the past couple of years myself and my mother-in-law have slid down the road to the church in thick snow. It is so like a Christmas card, you can see where the inspiration for such cards came from. If I am honest, deep down, when we are out looking for Father Christmas, half of me expects to see him. I still want him to exist. I want the animals to talk at midnight and for the magic of Christmas to always be there.


~ by envisioningutopia on December 23, 2011.

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