Ghostly experiences on the Grand Union Canal

I decided to walk to work on Wednesday and take my camera with me so that I could get a picture of the dramatic skies that I have seen when I have been cycling. Unfortunately, it was overcast and drizzling slightly. On the way to work I took two photos. One of the Grand Union canal and another of the lights across Milton Keynes. I swear that at the time I took the one across Milton Keynes, there was no mist. It really surprised me when I looked at them later. Perhaps this was a ghostly encounter? or just poor picture taking.
On the way home I decided to walk next to the canal again. It is a three mile walk in the pitch black, but I love it. I have run and cycled it many times before. It gives me time to think. I love the reflections in the canal water and the ducks quacking in the dark. There is always a buzz of traffic, which probably gives me a false sense of security. I tried to imagine how I would feel without the noise. I think that I would have felt far more isolated. I hoped also that if I did get scared, that I could pin point exactly what situations scare me as one of the writers in the group I belong to, wants us to write a series of ghost stories. There were two points where I seriously doubted the wisdom of my night walk. One was where the canal is raised up on a bank and the houses are far below. Although I could see behind me and ahead of me, I felt that there was no way of getting off the tow path to civilisation if I needed to. It made me very nervous. The second time was when there was a line of bushes to my right hand side and a footpath on the other side of them. It sounded as though someone was walking just on the other side of the bushes. I forced myself to stand still and realised that it was the plastic bag I was carrying bouncing off my leg. Another thing that I did notice was that sound carries differently around water. Sounds that I later identified as coming from quite far away, sounded as though they were right next to me. As I neared home I could smell the wood fires from the water gypsies’ canal boats. What I was surprised about, was when I reached a lonely stretch, through some woods and out into the fields behind my home, I wasn’t frightened at all. However, I still didn’t let my guard down, I’ve read enough about murder victims to know that some are killed metres from their front door.


~ by envisioningutopia on December 24, 2011.

One Response to “Ghostly experiences on the Grand Union Canal”

  1. On a cruise up the GU this summer my 13yo (now 14) son watched a horse-drawn coal barge slowly passing our boat early one morning. Funny thing was; my wife walked the towpath not once did she see any horse droppings or prints. And no horse-drawn boats operate on this section of waterway.also, today; no loose coal is carried by anyone.its all bagged. Keep your eyes open on the pound below Apsley marina!

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