Be determined or just take the hint?

It was back to college this week and as I woke up at the unnatural hour of 6 am, it felt far colder than it had during the holidays. I could hear the wind howling and the rain lashing at the window. Great. It was my day to cycle. By 7am I was on my bike. It was still dark and so I had my high visibility vest on (so drivers know where to aim) and my lights on, though one kept fluttering out. Off I went in the pouring rain. At the first corner, the wind whipped off my hat.<a I cycled along in the dark, my hair drenched. The wind against me. It was like cycling in treacle. A gust blew me off my bike, but I managed to get on again. Up the road I struggled, a car passed and drenched me, but still I persisted. Another gust, sent my bike backwards, so I had to re-cycle that bit. Was God hinting that I should give up and go home to my nice warm bed? I was sorely tempted. I stopped off for a few minutes to remove a large object that had been blown into the road and then back on the bike (doing a Norman Tebbut). Three miles in and my journey had already taken me ten minutes longer than it normally does. However, with only a mile to go, it seemed that I would be going to work . As I rounded the next corner it was down hill, though the bike barely seemed to be going forwards, even in a low gear. It seemed the nearer the college I got the harder it was to get there. Eventually, I was cycling up the hill to the college (or rather, crawling up the hill). I locked up my bike and dripped my dishevelled form into the office, where a colleague was sitting, looking dry and tidy She smiled as I oozed across the office. I don't hate her for coming to work by car, but I could have done without the comment.
‘Hi. Nice Christmas? It’s a bit windy out.’


~ by envisioningutopia on January 4, 2012.

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