Reflections on a life

My life is like a dense, dark mist, over scattered scree. I fumble through it, never quite sure where I am going, oblivious to the dangers ahead. Others swish past me, their bright lights showing them the way. I can only glimpse mine briefly, before they have moved on.
My life is like a crossroads. “(C) by” I cannot clearly see down each path. Though I know there are dangers down each one. None of which, I wish to face. So I remain on the cold, metal bench, unable to move on.
My life is like walking the wrong way up an escalator. It takes an enormous effort, but I never get anywhere. I can see the world rushing past below, oblivious to my plight. I know I need to move on, but I cannot see beyond the top of the escalator. My goal is an immediate one. I need to reach the top, but what lies beyond, who knows?
My life is full of demands, like vultures, each waiting to tear off their piece of me. They swoop in relentlessly, tearing away my ambition, my motivation and yet, they are still unsatisfied.
They want more, but I have no more to give. In disgust, they regurgitate what they have taken, leaving me in pieces, a bloody mess.


~ by envisioningutopia on January 5, 2012.

3 Responses to “Reflections on a life”

  1. Nicely expressed…liked the pictorial metaphors

  2. Thank you I’m glad you liked it

  3. Lovely, Karen. An emotionally stiring piece.


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