Live in the Present

(A poem inspired by the comedian Simon Amstell)

You’re always looking forwards,
You worry what’s to come,
About things that might not happen
Send you to the doldrums.

You’re always looking backwards,
A life full of regret,
How things could be so different
The path your past has set.

You are so busy living
In any time but now,
You miss all the golden moments
Which are in front of you.

Your children playing nicely,
The scent of perfumed flowers,
The fact there’s not a queue today
You won’t be held up hours.

Your future isn’t set in stone,
It’s all for you to mould,
Create the future that you want,
The precious present hold.

The world can be a perfect place
If you just will it so
Change the way you think of it
Let the past and future go.


~ by envisioningutopia on January 6, 2012.

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