A sense of freedom

It’s bizarre how family becomes the focal point of your life when you have kids. Natural of course, but suddenly you realise that there are some people who were important in your life, but you no longer see them. Such a situation has happened to me and my former flat mate (let’s call her Lisa.) We shared a house in London for a year. We were quite like-minded people, who also liked doing our own thing. Fundamentally, we shared the same sense of humour and we were honest with each other. For example, when I attended a watercolour class and spent the evening painting an still life of a potato, she told me it looked like a poo. We lived in a two bed house that backed on to Richmond Park and lived next door to Babs and Ivor. Babs being a proficient seaside organist. Some of the neighbours were a bit weird. There was a lack of parking outside the houses and one man always insisted that he had his car parked with the back lined up next to his front door. He once got me to inch my car forward to achieve this. I can’t believe that I went along with it. The next time he asked me, I happened to be holding my pet python
picture by cbr_case
(affectionately known as Bastard – the first name that sprung to mind after he bit me.) He never asked me again. Anyway, over the years Lisa and I have kept in touch to a minimal degree. She came to my fortieth birthday party, but it was only when she stayed over afterwards, that I realised how little I knew about her now. This was going to change.
Last weekend, my husband took the kids to Stamford Bridge to watch the football. Normally, I would have joined them, but I decided that I would take the opportunity to see Lisa. It was strange how my conscience reminded me how much work, housework and writing needed to be done. It also reminded me that the kids would be at school all week so I wouldn’t see them. I so very nearly cancelled. I worked out that it was the first time in ten years that I had been on a long journey on my own. I ashamed to say I listened to Heart FM and sang along to it all the way. It was exhilarating, driving through the Oxfordshire countryside,Walking the Chiltern Hills by Pishill, Oxfordshire
Photograph by net_efekt
down small country roads, the low sun lighting the fields in brilliant hues.
But what was best of all, was seeing Lisa. She’s the kind of friend that you don’t see for ages, but, can pick off exactly where you left off. I would strongly advise any one out there to do the same. Life feels so much better once you’ve done it.


~ by envisioningutopia on January 9, 2012.

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