When your imagination bites back

As a child I never had an imaginary friend, though my mum did, when she was little girl, and so did my younger brother. I could see the point of my mum’s one. Her imaginary friend was the scapegoat for everything that my mum did wrong. I could also see the point of my younger brother’s too. He had two. One, called Lion, lived in the lamp post on the corner of our street. The other, Mickey, worked in the local supermarket. They regularly came to play with my brother and kept him occupied for hours. The only time there was any tension, was when they came to tea and you accidentally sat on them. On several occasions, I told him that we could not see them, so he needed to point out where they were sitting, so that we didn’t squish them.
What I have never understood, was my youngest son’s imagination, when he was small. The first inkling I had, that there was something not quite right with his imagination, was at a family get together at my mum’s house, when he was about four. The kids were playing in the garden, when a tremendous row erupted. My son, Alex, has always had a temper, so I knew he’d be involved. I rushed out to find him screaming at his cousin.
‘What’s going on?’ I demanded to know.
‘He ate my apple,’ accused Alex.
‘What apple’ I asked. I hadn’t been aware that they had had free access to the fruit bowl.
‘My imaginary one,’ he responded, his bottom lip sticking out. My nephew was looking guilty.
‘So why don’t you imagine another one and eat that?’
‘It’s not the same!’ he raged.

The next incident astounded me even more. He was playing nicely upstairs one day, with his imaginary friend. Then, there was a scream of annoyance. I raced up to find out what had happened.
‘I’m not playing with him any more’ said Alex. ‘He won’t do as I say.’
‘What do you mean?’ I stammered. ‘How can you fall out with an imaginary friend. Surely, you just imagine that they do what you want them to?’ Oh how naïve I am. Apparently it doesn’t work like that!


~ by envisioningutopia on January 19, 2012.

3 Responses to “When your imagination bites back”

  1. I’ve always had a vivid imagination. But unlike regular kids, by the age of 8 I was OBSESSED with soap operas, so all the way through age 13, General Hospital basically lived in my subconscious. Oh, the story lines I would participate in in my head! But I got over that phase after the 6th grade. However, I never lost the imagination I got from the crazy experience of being a soap opera fan.


  2. love it 😉

  3. We had a similar experience to your apple situation. My two kids had a full on argument about who was holding the lead of their imaginary dog. My daughter ended up in floods of tears when my son just wouldn’t let her have a turn.

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