Ghostly Reviews 2

Tales of Ghostly Horror: Real life encounters with the supernatural – Peter Drake
I enjoyed this book. It was about a real group of Ghost hunters from the Midlands and their experiences. They hold over night stays in ghostly locations, where they invite the public to join them. I like the mix of people in the group. Some believe they are psychic, though Peter Drake seems to come across as a sceptic, though interested in the paranormal. It certainly has given me plenty of places to visit for the next few Ghost hunts.

14 Extreme Horrors and Mysteries – based on true accounts – Chet Dembeck.
I did not bother to finish this book. The stories were confusing and very weirdly written. It was unclear whether the author was trying to present them as fact, or fiction.

Nineteen Ghost Stories of M.R. James
Most of these stories were superb. There was only one that I gave up on. It was mainly because the dialogue was written in a way, that people of the 19th Century, would talk. I found that it really detracted from the story. The stories certainly wouldn’t keep me up at night, but they all had interesting characters and nasty twists. There was certainly a sense of threat to them.

Haunted Places in Newport Pagnell – Julie Wilson
Given to me for Christmas by fellow ghost hunter and author Jennifer Lawrence. A series of local ghost stories about Newport Pagnell. Very well written indeed. I have made my list of places to visit there, on the basis of this book and will blog about all the ghosts I see.

Other reading

One of your own – Carol Ann Lee
I am currently reading about Myra Hindley (one of the Moors Murderers) This book is superb. It is very well researched, using notes from therapy sessions, detectives, relatives and friends. It really gives an insight into Myra’s childhood and the bizarre relationship between her and Brady. I have found the murders very hard going and tend to give myself a break for a few days. She manages to give you a real sense of who the victims were.


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  2. Hi Karen, I’m Peter Drake, the author of the book you have just read. I was busy googling the book and I saw a link to your Ghostly Review. I’m very happy that you enjoyed it; getting good feedback is great, as I’m sure that you, a fellow writer, will understand! It makes the hard effort feel worthwhile. You’re correct that I’m a sceptic, though open-minded about the supernatural. I like to think that the scepticism is more akin to an intellectual honesty, it sounds better! I’ve recently published a sequel if you’re interested? The title is: ‘Tales of Occult Horror’. Around 70p on Kindle? It’s darker than the Ghostly one, but I’m sure it’s just as good! Take care. Good luck with your own book, ‘The Medi’!

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