The day every parent dreads.

It seemed like any other ordinary day, when I headed out to pick up my three year old son from pre-school. The sun was shining, and it was a pleasant walk along the country lanes to the medieval church, where the pre-school was held. I waited outside, basking in the sunshine with all the other mums, when the doors were opened to release the kids back to our care. Except for mine! The usually jolly play leader was looking uncharacteristically serious.
‘Could I have a word with you?’ she asked, pulling me to one side. I nodded, racking my brain as to what Alex could possibly have done this time.
‘I’m afraid that Alex has made some allegations.’ I frowned, trying to work out what she was on about. The play leader shifted uncomfortably. ‘From the detail he gives, we can only suppose them to be true.’ The penny was beginning to drop. I desperately racked my brain, what were we alleged to have done?
‘Alex has told us that his dad kicked him in the river.’ Oh the relief. I laughed, sending the poor woman into a state of confusion.
‘Yes, that’s right he did.’ I don’t think she could believe how callous I was. ‘But, you really should have been there.’
The incident had happened a few months earlier, when we had been on holiday in Devon. We were walking down in Minehead, alongside a broad, shallow river. We were playing on the bank and hopping around on the rocks. At one point, I slipped on some mossy rocks. I warned my husband to avoid that area, but he, being him, decided not to heed my warning. He was walking over the rocks when he slipped. His leg flew up in front of him, straight into Alex’s bottom, sending him in a prefect arc of flight into the river. I’m afraid to say we were negligent, we were laughing so much, that we did not immediately rush into the river to retrieve him. The water was only up to his knees, and he was NOT happy. The detail, the care worker was referring to, was which member of the family, donated him which item of clothing. I was impressed. I don’t think I could remember that detail. Needless to say, the care worker looked genuinely relieved that she did not need to take my child away. I also had a little word with Alex, about telling people stories that were out of context. I’m afraid he still talks about it in the same way.


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