That’s it, I’m declaring us a communist state!

Wednesday morning, and it was not yet 8am and the boys were laying into each other. Yet again, Tom had lent Alex a book and, whilst Alex was in the middle of reading it, demanded it back. This time, my husband lost it with both of them. All hell broke loose. I decided that I was not going to react, I was going to think about my response. It was with great pleasure, that I announced the new regime at tea time. As capitalism seemed to have brought out the selfish, individualistic sides to our nature, then I suggested that, as from Saturday, we would be living under a more collectivist, communist regime. My husband went pale and the kids looked at me blankly. I decided to spell it out for them.
‘As from Saturday, you will be sharing a room. There will no longer be private property. Everything will belong to everyone. If you want pocket money, you will have to work together to get it. Then you will have to agree how, and if, you are going to spend it.’
‘You’re joking’ laughed Tom, nervously. I shook my head slowly, to emphasise that I was not. He went pale.
‘I’m not included in this am I?’ asked my husband.
‘Well if you fight over things, you will be. I’m happy with you remaining as a silent sovereignty. It applies to you, boys as from Saturday.’
There was much gnashing and grinding of teeth. Alex’s bottom lip was decidedly wobbly. I was not going to waiver. After tea, each son came to see me by himself. Neither wanted communism, or ‘that regime thing’, as Alex referred to it as. I decided to strike a bargain with them. If there was no more fighting, then communism would not happen. I’m afraid that from today’s behaviour, it definitely will be.


~ by envisioningutopia on January 26, 2012.

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