Leave us Teachers alone. (I hope this is grammatically correct!)

It seems that whenever the government is in a crisis and wishes to divert attention away from their incompetence, nurses and teachers get it in the neck. It is their diversionary tactic to spread the shit, as it were. Over the past ten years, since I started teaching, it has changed dramatically. No longer do we have time to care about being good at our subjects, looking after our students. The classroom is just twenty five hours of teaching with barely any time to prepare or mark. No, we are target driven. Rather than have time to teach properly, prepare properly and mark well, we spend our time, tracking our performance (if only we had the time to perform). We put on additional taster sessions, we market at open evenings, we produce reports and statistics to justify our existence, we provide pastoral care, extra curricula activities, managing learning environments, liaise with parents. To top it all we are monitored. We are monitored by managers, with observations and learning walks, monitored by IFL. (Don’t get me started on what a useless piece of !!!!!!! this organisation is) and monitored by good old OFSTED. The government now want to bring in a term’s notice to get rid of rubbish teachers i.e. anyone who is not meeting their impossible targets. I have heard at one school, where the school is going into special measures that they have brought in C.C.T.V to check that the teachers are doing a full day’s work! Obviously it is the teachers’ fault that the school is not performing. It has nothing to do with the fact that kids have problems outside of school. Parents are not interested in what their kids are doing and there is no support with the atrocious behaviour in classrooms. It is no longer enough to get a failing student to pass. They should be getting As regardless of whether they are capable of it or not. Now schools are picking the best of the best, telling other students, who may get D grades, that they don’t want them. I know of one school who lined up students on the day of the GCSE results and literally said ‘we want you, we don’t want you…’ How do you think that makes someone feel? Teachers are now having bizarre conversations about the worth of each student. How much will they count to the end statistics? I’ve heard of instances where students have got seriously ill and management have kicked up a fuss about them dropping subjects, on the grounds of their poor health, because of the end of year stats!
So what should we do? We should let teachers teach. We should value progress, no matter what the student attains. We should be student-centred. Parents should be encouraged to get involved. We should scrap OFSTED and the IFL and have a professional body that actually understands the complexities of the job and has realistic measures to determine how a school is performing.


~ by envisioningutopia on February 5, 2012.

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