Hurray! It’s mini murder day

The college where I work has been stepping up the content of tutorials, and the feedback seems to be good. The latest offering is mini murder day. Initially the idea was to run murder day (see Murder Day page), but over a few weeks. This was a nightmare to organise, so we produced three Murder packs, which tutors could pick up and run with. The students seem to be enjoying it.

Whizzers’s Place
The first pack involves offender profiling. The students are taken through the American method and asked to apply it to Ted Bundy and the Tate murders. Obviously, there are difficulties with trying to apply Organised and disorganised typologies to the Tate Murders, due to the fact more than one person was involved. We then take them through British profiling with reference to Canter’s profile of Duffy. Then I have used a victim’s statement and the students use this to try and come up with their own profile.
The second pack involves Serial, Spree and Mass Murder. Students are taken through the different kinds of serial murder (based on Holmes and Holmes categorisation)and then are given examples that they need to categorise. Then they are given examples of spree and mass murders (relevant documetaries are included)
The third pack is about psychopaths. Students are given a series of moral dilemmas, in which they have to decide, as quickly as possible, what they would do. Then they are told about the characteristics of a psychopath and relate them to the moral dilemmas. There is discussion as to what can cause psychopathy, followed by a short clip which shows a psychopath being interviewed about his crimes and about how he has reformed!


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