Joined up thinking – How refreshing!

A few years ago, there was an advert (I think it was for Heineken) which showed some workmen causing chaos, by drilling a trench in the road. As they dug, different people came up and asked if they could use the trench to save making one of their own e.g. the gas man wanted to put in gas pipes. It was a utopia that you rarely find in life. That is, until today. My driving licence photo is due to expire, and, heeding all the warnings of fines, spontaneous combustion etc should I not renew it on time, I decided to start to find out how to go about renewing it. To be honest, I was dreading it. I had already put it off a couple of weeks. The post office has given me a complete phobia about filling in forms and getting passport photos. It seems every time I go there with a passport application form, something is wrong. Usually the photo. Last time, they objected to the fact that the flash had caused a glint on my glasses causing one of my eyes to be slightly obscured. Apparently, I could be anyone.
‘How am I supposed to stop the flash catching my glasses?’ I asked in exasperation.
‘Take them off.’ Was the response.
So off I went. It may sound simplistic, but to someone as blind as myself, when I take my glasses off I can no longer see the instructions in the photo booth, or see if my head fills the oval, that makes the photo acceptable. After a lot of squinting and numerous attempts, I managed to print off, what would be deemed, an acceptable photo for the passport. I showed it to the Post office, as part of their checks.
‘Well,’ she said ‘It doesn’t look like you. You’ve not got your glasses on.’ A full blown tantrum ensued, and I would have committed outright murder, when the woman decided to let it through. So you can see, renewing my driving licence photo, was going to be expensive, time consuming and involve a prison term for murder. Or so I thought. A couple of weeks ago, I researched it and apparently you could renew it on line. How?
My husband said in a doom and gloom sort of way, that I would have to scan in a passport photo. I.T. that is far beyond my expertise. My heart sank, until 3am the following morning. When I awoke in a start of hope. It had said on the website, that in order to renew your photo driving licence, you would need your passport. Could it possibly be that they contact the passport office and use your photo from there? That would be efficient, organised and helpful, words which I do not associate with bureaucratic agencies such as these. So, today, I went on line, resigned to a day of running around with no glasses on, trying to fit the impossible requirements. Thank you DVLA! Thank you for saying you’ll use my photo from the passport agency! How refreshing! How forward-thinking! All done a dusted for another few years!


~ by envisioningutopia on February 13, 2012.

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