Ghostly Review 3

Tales of Occult Horror – Peter Drake. This is a far more frightening book than his ‘Tales of Ghostly Horror.’ As with the last book, I like his detachment from the ghost hunts. There was quite a bit about Littledean Hall. I am certainly going to pay a visit there. What I found most sinister was the chapter about Clapham Woods. At first, I was interested in visiting the wood, but by the end of reading about it, I had real reservations. I have since done some research and found out that the five deaths linked to Clapham woods have been cleared up and tied to Tim Withers. All in all, if you don’t want to sleep well at night, read this book.

Murderous Tales

One of your Own – Carol Ann Lee. What interested me in this book was the number of perspectives it covered, from the police, victims families, family and friends of Myra Hindley and Myra herself. It really got to me in the early chapters and I had to take time out before reading some of the more upsetting chapters. A lot of the book focused on Myra in prison. This was surprisingly interesting as it seemed people either liked her, or hated her. One person who met her commented on how charming she was. Then it struck him, that that was exactly how she got children into her car! I couldn’t work out whether I felt she had reformed or not. However, by the end I had decided that she had sufficient psychopathic tendencies to be manipulating people. There was not much really about Brady. The impression I got was that he was a control freak and arrogant. I don’t think I’ll be reading his book ‘The Gates of Janus.’

Forensic Casebook of crime – John Sanders. This is an excellent book in terms of giving a practical insight into forensic science and pathology. It explains about bullet wounds, stages of decomposition in drowning, effects of different poisons etc you get the picture. It focuses mainly on the cases of Spilsbury, though some of Professor Keith Simpson’s cases are included. Keith Simpson’s book ‘Forty Years of Murder’ which I read about 25 years ago! Is also excellent, though it is from a pathological rather than forensic science view point.


~ by envisioningutopia on February 15, 2012.

4 Responses to “Ghostly Review 3”

  1. Thanks for another great review! Strange how you mentioned the book was darker, grimmer than the last one. A few other people have told me that. It must be the occult/witchcraft aspect, real people going out and committing acts of evil, combined with the supernatural. Or I was in a bad mood when I wrote it! I don’t suppose you’d like to review my books on An honest opinion is especially welcome when it’s so positive! Take care, keep on writing & self-publishing!

    • Will do. Let me know if you write another. Happy ghost hunting (if you can call it happy)

      • Thanks, Karen. Coincidentally, I am considering writing another supernatural-themed book. Self-published, as ever! At the moment I’m pondering stories and locations to include, gauging whether I’ve enough material. A few ghost-hunts might be useful but public investigations are so expensive. Clapham Wood would be cheap but slightly more perilous. Take care!


  2. Will try and go there myself. I also quite fancy a trip to Littledean House, I just don’t know if I have the guts. Will let you know if I find some!

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