All Hail Caesar!

Last night, we ventured out to the theatre in London. It was an amateur dramatics production of Julius Caesar, with a twist.

Well several twists actually. Director, Deborah Mason had excelled herself. The Southside Players out on a modern day version of Julius Caesar (still with the iambic pentameters). Poor old Julius was gunned down. The additional twist was that there was a screen at the back, where there was a twitter stream going on. For example, Roman Soldier would tweet that he was fed up with being on guard duty. The audience were also able to join in (much to the delight of my sons). I thought it worked well, though sometimes, I was not paying as much attention to the plot as I could have been. Overall it was a very good play. Of note, were the scenes between Brutus (Kate Parry) and Cassius (Julie Weston), whose characters were convincingly played. Though it did seem a bit strange that the two main male parts were played by females. Also, Mark Anthony (Charles Golding) and Casc (Rhys Harris) talked as though they spoke Shakespearean language every day. It makes it so easy to follow, than the usual attempts at Shakespeare, where people seem to feel the need to put on pretentious accents and kind of shout at the audience. The props people had also excelled themselves with a coffin! I assume that they have spent the morning reburying it in the local graveyard! Also the thunderstorm was extremely well done. I am sure that they are probably all hung over this morning after the after show party. Well done, and here’s to the next one! For more information about Southside Players, follow the link. Southside Players


~ by envisioningutopia on February 19, 2012.

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