Abnormality Feels Good

Recently in Psychology, we have been covering the subject of abnormality. What makes one person abnormal (mentally ill) and another normal. In order to get the students into the swing of it, my colleague and I will walk round the classroom in odd shoes and wait to see if the students notice, or have a problem with it. Never underestimate your students. As a direct result of this, my class decided that the following day they were going to come into college in their pyjamas. Why? Because they could.
It was one of the more interesting days that I had at college. I came in, in my fluffy pink pyjamas with cats on. The students wore their slippers, dressing gowns and nightclothes. What was great was that they acted as though it was an entirely normal thing to do. One of them got on the wrong train to college and went on quite an adventure! What I had forgotten was that there was a possibility I was being observed that day, to check that my teaching was up to scratch. There I stood, adorned in my night gear, when the observer walked in. I carried on as normal, and the class got on with the work. She confided in me that she didn’t even notice until half way through the lesson.
I have done something similar at an interview. The teaching job that I was going for required that I do a mini teaching session in the interview. I decided that I would do something on abnormality. In I went, on a hot summer’s day, in a woolly hat and scarf. They asked me all the usual questions. I must admit, they did give me a few odd looks. Then on to my micro teach, where it all became clear. There was a distinct possibility that it could have backfired, but I got the job. So no harm done. It feels good to loosen the old chains once in a while and do something different. The students certainly seemed to think so, some of their fashion sense has changed as a result!


~ by envisioningutopia on February 21, 2012.

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