The Suicide Note

At you I smile, but inwardly I die.
Again I know that you believe the lie.
I reach for you and try to show you me
I am not what you think
I am deeper than that.

To walk in the way of a speeding train,
To pop some pills and never feel again,
I want to evanesce, cease to exist
I was never here so
It’s not me that you’ll miss.

To launch my car into a lorry’s path,
To slit my wrists when I soak in the bath,
To stand on a scar and let myself slip,
For I hammer the bars
That imprison my soul.

To swim out of my depth, breathe in the sea.
Accept that I’ve gone, let me be free.
I’m better off dead, happier that way
All I ask of you is
That you please let me go


~ by envisioningutopia on February 27, 2012.

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