It’s an electrical appliance conspiracy

Just when my bank balance started to look vaguely well after the Christmas bashing. Just when I am beginning to get back into the swing of work. The electrical appliances in my life have got together under the cover of darkness and worked out their cunning plan. (They do this you know.) Our washing machine, which only the other day I was commenting on how good it is, decided to give our new kitchen floor a bit of a wash. Yes, on a Saturday morning, an ominous dripping could be heard coming from the back of it. It had sprung a leak! These things happen.


However, is it then normal for my computer at work, as I am busy trying to plough through a large number of essays, to decide that it has worked hard enough? Cut and paste sent it into spirals of agony. It couldn’t perform the task, it would have to shut down. Would I like to send a error report? Who does the error report go to? Do they really care?


Then would it save the marking I had done? Ten minutes! TEN minutes to save the work. It was only a 3,000 word essay. I decided to be sympathetic. I let it have an early night. So now I am behind with my marking. Then, as I stood in the kitchen this evening tidying up, a slight waft of burning hit my nose. I sniffed and followed the spiral of smoke in the general direction of the dishwasher.
‘Oh to hell with it, why be subtle’ thought the dishwasher ‘Let’s just go for it.’
The stench became unbelievable. My solution has been to send my husband in with a manual. So now I am hiding out in the lounge, I wanted to check if an e mail I tried to send the other day had gone. Guess what? My sent e-mail box has disappeared! I’m going to bed!


~ by envisioningutopia on February 28, 2012.

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