If I have to tear this hospital apart!

My ‘crossing my legs’ plan having failed. I was hauled reluctantly into the hospital to be induced. At first, everything was fine. My pain relief was something called a TENS kit. Basically it sends electricity into the back and is supposed to release endorphins? Or at least that’s what I think it did. It was a pretty good piece of kit, except when I accidentally electrocuted my husband. I turned the meter up, not off, when he went to remove it. To be honest, a slightly malicious side of me was secretly pleased that he shared in my pain. Then the pain reached unbelievable new limits and my birth plan went out of the window. It is at this point that I have a serious complaint. Why do midwives not listen to you?
In both my labours, and I know I’m not alone in this, I have been ignored when I asked for pain relief. The midwives tell you, you are not in pain. I was. In the case of my first son, they told me that they couldn’t find an anaesthetist. I’m afraid I was not polite when they told me this.
‘If I have to tear this hospital apart, I’ll find the bloody anaesthetist.’ He suddenly appeared. With the second son, I had an outright row with the poor anaesthetist. He got cross with me because I tensed when I had a contraction, so it was hard to get the needle in. I flipped my lid when he told me to stop flinching! I’m sorry but a bloke telling you this, does not go down well. I would love him to have a contraction and not flinch slightly! To top it all the midwife phoned my husband to tell him not to rush in, as it would be hours yet, and that I was making a fuss. Luckily, my husband does listen (sometimes) and came in straight away, only to just make it in time. All the midwife could say (with a slightly ashamed look on her face) was ‘Well that was a bit quicker than I thought.’


~ by envisioningutopia on March 5, 2012.

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