Ghost Hunting in Newport Pagnell (yes I did say Newport Pagnell)

It may seem a strange location to go ghost hunting, a small market town on the outskirts of Milton Keynes. But, according to Julie Wison’s book ‘Haunted Places in Newport Pagnell’, it is Britain’s Ghostliest Town! The day got off to a promising start. It was foggy and eerie. However, by the time me and my fellow ghost hunter met up, it was unnaturally sunny (spooky). We decided to start by the church and the Three Arches. It is said that bodies used to be laid out under the far right arch, hence the picture.

Unfortunately, it was not the dead of night, so mournful sounds could be heard and the infamous grey lady was not in evidence. Unperturbed, we headed across the field by the river, where it is rumoured that a pair of spirit swans swim there in the winter.

Apparently they were star crossed lovers who died horrible deaths. We did see a swan, and a couple of ducks, oh and also a moor hen. We decided that we might have more success at the pub, the Kings Arms.
It is here a monk has been seen. I took a photo inside the pub, in the hope that a ghostly apparition might transpire, but unfortunately to no avail. I would say that the locals in the pub were pretty scary and didn’t seem to like strangers very much.
One building that did draw our attention, was a rather rickety looking place. We assumes some elderly witch must live here. However, on closer inspection, it was the back of an MOT servicing centre.
Our next stop was Tickford Abbey. This is now an old people’s home. The infamous grey lady is rumoured to frequent here too, but again she did not seem in evidence; in the grounds any way. We decided to find the plague fields, called Bury Field. It was here that we were handsomely rewarded. The field is a vast expanse of fields heading off into the distance. You can see for miles. It is totally beautiful and I am sure at night, extremely scary. We could see a large bird of prey circling overhead. Of all the places we visited, I think it was this one that inspired us to decide to revisit Newport Pagnell at night for our Ghost Hunting. That, and the fact that we went looking for the haunted telephone exchange and couldn’t find it. (spooky)


~ by envisioningutopia on March 11, 2012.

19 Responses to “Ghost Hunting in Newport Pagnell (yes I did say Newport Pagnell)”

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  2. check out this there is a servant girl lose within the vicinityof mot garage and surrounding buildings a bit about it in the oldest building mot l

  3. Very good book and well written is there going to be a follow up?

  4. Can I take this opportunity to shamelessly publicise a book that is being released in September 2013 which covers haunted happenings accross the whole of the ‘greater’ Milton Keynes area. Also looks into a lot of the other myths, folklore, urban legends, conspiracy theories and cryptids. ‘Mysterious Milton Keynes’, out 1st Sept.


  5. Nice one thanks will do once it’s available.

  6. It’s now available on Amazon, is being released to the trade (i.e. the local bookshops) on 1st September. Many thanks!

    • I want to post up your comment but it is unclear which book you are referring to. Is it the one on Milton Keynes Ghosts, if so can you let me know the details and I’ll do a review

  7. i see a monk in the solicitors in newport pagnell one evening whilst cleaning it vanished down the stairs.was very scary!! could it be the mysterious monk of newport pagnell?

  8. did you enjoy the book?

  9. What book would that be? i have had so much trouble getting hold of haunted places in newport pagnell

  10. Mysterious Milton Keynes

  11. Thanx iv just ordered it and will let you know

  12. I live in Silver Street and am certain that I saw an orb in my house last Saturday, the bedroom was dark and the yellow circle with a glow behind it appeared on the wall just under a ceiling ang floated gracefully along the wall , I wasnt confused or drunk and I saw everything very clearly.It freaked me out because I dont believe in ghosts or supernatural but it did happen.I only wish I had my wits about me and took a photograph! Alex

    • Hi Alex yes silver street is renowned for spooky going on’s. I heard tales of a crying nun seen lurking around silver street! Plus a fire in ceders school that claimed the life of a school boy who is apparently seen?

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