Not a happy Bunny!

My electronic conspiracy continues. I have been asked to send a copy of my book ‘The Medi’ to a reviewer. Unfortunately, they want a hard copy. ‘No problem’ I thought. What a pallaver. Firstly, various versions wouldn’t open. Then my printer ran out of ink. Now it has decided to go into a complete meltdown. I have spent the evening trying to find somewhere in this infernal country who prints documents! AHHHHHHHHHHH!
It must be due to some climactic event, as the printers at work decided not to work either, so my amazing resources for my lessons had to stay in electronic form as well.
To top it all, the washing machine (that we had fixed 2 weeks ago) has decided to start leaking again. For some inexplicable reason, my husband was in the kitchen at four o’clock this morning and heard an ominous dripping sound. I was asked to join him a few minutes later, to assist in dealing with it.
I am currently hiding upstairs in the dark. I was asked by him to buy a 3/4 inch washer, which I dutifully did on the way home. Apparently, by some psychic ability, which I do not possess, I was meant to buy five. I did show him his text, but apparently,
‘I surely should have known.’
So I am annoyed, in the dark and printerless!


~ by envisioningutopia on March 13, 2012.

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