How many people does it take to fix a leak?

Okay, so the saga of the leaking washing machine continues. Having been heavily reprimanded for buying one washer, I consulted with the man who ‘fixed’ it last time. He suggested a new inlet hose, so it was another trip down to the condescending salesmen in the plumbing supplies shop. There is something about plumbing services salesman. They seem to believe that because you are female, then you know nothing about anything technical. The last time I visited it had been laughable. I asked for a ¾ inch washer. His eyes narrowed. He rooted around and found one, then spent five minutes writing out the receipt for the 18 pence that it cost me. Needless to say his heart must have sunk when he saw me enter the yard again. This time I was adventurous. I am capable of learning, so I bought 4, ¾ inch washers, 2 with a mesh and an inlet hose. He kind of stumped me when he asked what length I needed, but I stood my ground and made out that, of course I knew what length I wanted. Now all we had to do was attach it.
It took us half an hour to pull the washing machine out of the tight fitting space it now lives in. An hour and a half and a lot of tools, to actually remove the hose from the back of the washing machine, because it had been done up so tightly. Another half an hour to remove the other end from the inlet pipe, which to my horror twisted. In went the new washers and new inlet pipe. We had started at 5.30pm, it was only 9.00pm now. On with the water, and off with the water, because now it was leaking at both ends! We tightened the fittings, added washers, loosened the fittings, consulted the internet, but to no avail. At 10pm we resolved to drink wine!
The plumber came the next day. He tutted a bit, bent down undid all our handy work, took out the extra washers, reprimanded me for doing them up too tight and then plugged it all in. Job done!


~ by envisioningutopia on March 17, 2012.

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