The Play Dough Immune System

Any Psychology teacher will tell you how students have a blaock when it comes to learning anything biological. Apparently they don’t realise that Psychology contains biology. One of the main problems is getting beyond this mind set. In AS psychology there is a unit called Stress and it involves looking at the nervous system and the immune system. Here’s something that works for the immune system. We turned the immune system into characters.

The T cells and NK cells which offer cell-based immunity are ninjas. They kill foreign or infected cells.

The macrophage injests foreign agents – he usually is pretty fat and has a knife and fork in his hands.

The B cells fight blood invaders – he is the scuba diver

Antibodies slow down infecting agents – we call him the bouncer. He wraps his arms round the foreign agents ankles and slows him down so that the macrophage can attack him.

Having drawn these characters on the board, we went a step further this year and made them out of play dough. Needless to say the students now remember the immune system.


~ by envisioningutopia on March 25, 2012.

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