One more day – let it go quickly

Hurray, one more day to go until the holidays and we set off to join our friends on a walking holiday. So the inevitable packing is under way and it is here that the differences in the family members truly comes to light. I’m a minimalist when it comes to packing. Though this time it has been difficult as the weather has been so all over the place. I also start packing early, as it makes me feel that I am already on holiday. My husband on the other hand takes everything. He believes that all the comforts of home should go with him. To the extent that you wake up in your holiday home and believe your still back at home! My youngest is someone who packs all the things that he doesn’t normally play with. Then when he is on holiday he wonders why he brought them and annoys his brother by borrowing all the things that he brought. My oldest son is a sensible packer and will bring enough to keep himself entertained.
My husband does not find going on holiday remotely stressful. He is a last minute packer and consequently I ensure that everything is ready, so that this attitude works. I do all the washing, ironing, buying in of stuff we need, work out how it is all going to fit in the car. Get mine and the kids’ stuff together, sort out people to look after the animals etc. I try not to growl as he pats me on the knee as we reverse out the drive, telling me how straightforward it has all been and he doesn’t know why I get so stressed.
I have packing the car down to an art form and have not had to resort to what one of my friend’s dad did. He was a lonely man surrounded by a family of women. The women could never decide what to take on holiday. In the end he gave up arguing with them and packed the car with everything they gave him to put in. When the time came for them to motor down to Devon he got in the driver’s seat and waited. They bundled out the house and looked at him in shock.
‘Where are we supposed to sit?’ The car was jammed pack full.
‘You can’t. You’ll have to take the train.’ And with that he drove off and left them to catch the train to Devon. Apparently, they never over filled the car again.
The only other difference between myself and my husband when it comes to being on holiday is contact-ability. My husband will want access to his e-mail, phone etc. I prefer not to know that the world is falling apart at home. Last year, we went to Turkey. He discovered that I had not been checking my phone the first day and insisted I check for messages. I had two. One from my friend who was looking after my rabbit asking me how to catch it as it had made a bid for freedom down the road. The other was from a neighbour looking after the cats, asking if I knew that the front door key that I had left them didn’t work? Hardly relaxing messages. Luckily they fed the cats outside, though my husband then got into a panic about the goldfish.
‘How will they be fed?’ He asked.
‘Well for the ten years that we have had them, they have had a fish block when we’ve gone on holiday.’
It kind of shows how much he gets involved.


~ by envisioningutopia on March 29, 2012.

One Response to “One more day – let it go quickly”

  1. Hahaha! Your friend’s dad with the train…brilliant! 😆

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