Oh Dodd You are sooooo GREAT

My advice is that before you go on a 9 mile walk, pay attention to the detail! The sun shone brightly and all was well with the world, a long walk in the Lake District seemed the best way to get rid of the cob webs. A lovely drive down the country lanes and we pulled up, put on our walking boots, consulted the map and off we went. It was only then the the grassy slope description of the Great Dodd married up with what I saw before me.

The Great Dodd is indeed Great (856m) great to be precise, and I’m not one for heights. Yes it has grassy slopes, but they all go steeply upwards. So off we went in the general direction of outer space. It was a challenging climb and my youngest fell into the trap of believing we had reached the top, when in fact there was another summit (i.e. The Great Dodd) behind.

But I must admit, when we were standing in the icy wind, and my hands had gone a rather fetching pale blue, that I felt a sense of pride that we had got to the top. It was here that I discovered that we needed hats with ear flaps and warmer gloves.
We dropped down into the shelter for a lovely lunch. However, exposed hillsides are not the greatest place for a toilet stop, with the wind whipping around the unmentionables and a dozen walkers on the summit with their binoculars!
Then we were off for another climb (again I hadn’t actually processed this) up Clough Head. This time the boys were flagging, but everyone in the group kept them chatting until before they knew it they had reached the top. One of the group pointed out at this point that the directions in the book got a bit vague. We were to descend, though there was no marked path. We were to pick up a track which we should come across at some point, and then turn right.

We did end up by a small stream where we dallied a bit, soaking up the sunshine. It was here that my eldest took my gloves for a swim (not happy!) Off we went again. It was getting on for 4pm and understandably everyone was beginning to get tired. However, when I pointed to the trees near where our cars were parked my youngest sprinted off. He was desperate to get back. It was at this point we passed a really dense forest, if you ventured in a few metres, it was pitch black. I would have loved to have explored it. All I could think of was the Forbidden Forest from Harry Potter.
So with aching limbs, we returned to the cottage for a roast, hot chocolate and a DVD. We really had earned it.


~ by envisioningutopia on April 3, 2012.

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