Ode To the M1

Oh M1, with your three broad lanes
Stretching out before me.
Your dependable hard shoulder
With you I feel so free.

The excitement of the contraflow,
Sliproads slide off and on,
Caution signs flash up to warn me
As I putter along.

You are constantly improving
With roadworks everywhere,
My average speed is monitored
Go too fast if I dare.

Though you are not a constant friend
You merge with other roads,
Flirt outrageously with the M6
Allow lorries with wide loads.

The prying eyes of police patrols
Lorries leap-frog along
Middle lane drivers hog the road
Lane hoppers join the throng.

And as I sit amongst the fumes
Of lines of static cars
I feel betrayed by your promises
Of reaching places fast.

Perhaps you can no longer cope
With the demands on you.
If I have to sit in queues again
I’m sorry but we’re through!


~ by envisioningutopia on April 4, 2012.

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