Pure Exhilaration

After a bitterly cold night, I donned a few layers and decided to go for a run. Running in the Lakes is nothing like Milton Keynes. There are hills. I love it. Especially as the views were hills dusted with snow. There was a cold wind and it was beyond words to describe how happy I felt, pounding over the fells. I dropped down on to a single track lane, only to see a deer prancing down the lane ahead of me. This is my definition of Heaven.

Due to the strong winds, we decided to keep in the valleys for our walk and we did a seven mile walk in Grisdale, following a small river. It was fab, if extremely windy. There were rocky climbs in places and at one point we had real problems closing a gate because of the wind. However, thermals were well in place as well as ear warmers (thanks Rachael) Alex decided to be the trail blazer and set off at a hell of a pace, which he managed to maintain for the full seven miles. We did stop for a picnic. We are a hardy/foolish bunch. We ended up in a small sheepfold, which gave some protection from the wind.

If you are wanting isolation, this is not the place to go though, there were plenty of people about. The scenery was staggering and we could see Hellvelyn before us. We were told by some walkers that someone had fallen off Striding Edge the day before. You see there is a reason I’m not fantastically keen on heights!


~ by envisioningutopia on April 7, 2012.

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