Aira Force and Vertigo

The last day and we decided to embark on a four mile walk to wind down our holiday. It sounds simple, but about 5 years ago I would have been incapable of doing any of this walk. As it was I was quite nervous about it. I suffer from vertigo. When I reach a certain height, or on certain terrains, I have a horrible feeling of being out of balance and as though I will tip over. Worst case scenario is feeling like I want to be sick and I shake. At a height, I can barely take care of myself, let alone the boys. I hate being like this and over the past few years, myself and Andrew have gone off walking in the Peak District together, where we have taken on some nasty high walks, in order to overcome my fear. Today would be the test for me as to whether I was any better. The walking book we were using warned that vertigo sufferers might not fare well! I asked the rest of the group to help out with the boys. They are great for doing this and also showing the boys that there is nothing to be scared of.
The walk starts with a visit to the waterfalls, via some steep steps. It is pretty impressive. Then once you go back up to the top you cross a field alongside a river and up a steep climb to a trig point. As I climbed, I felt more and more dizzy, but I found if I stopped and thought about it logically (if I fell I would not plummet to my doom) I was okay.
‘Nearly there’ said a man smiling, as Alex and I passed him. Then he added ‘Only joking, you’ve got a fair way to go.’ I could have punched him!
We eventually got to the trig point and I forced myself to look over the edge. To my relief there were grassy slopes. We stopped off in a pine forest for our lunch as it was raining slightly. It was then that I realised that we hadn’t got to the ‘nasty’ bit of the walk yet. We were about to embark on it! The nasty part, was a narrow footpath, which had crumbled in places, traversing a slope with some sheer drops (apparently beautiful views of Ullswater, which would counter my vertigo possibly, according to the book.) Not funny! I haven’t taken any photos of this part as I was shaking too much and I didn’t really want to stop to take in the sheer drop, but I MADE IT and it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. Next stop Helvellyn and Striding Edge! or the Tea Room for a nice mug of hot chocolate.


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