A new level of bizarre

The world reached a new level of weird and disturbing, when having checked on the internet whether the Garden Centre was open on Easter Sunday, I arrived to find out that indeed it was. Why is it disturbing? There was an employee outside, who informed me that, yes indeed the shop was open, but you were not allowed to buy anything. I’m afraid that it took my coonventional brain a little bit of time to process this. I sought clarification.
‘Yes, we are open.’ he smiled as though talking to an imbecile ‘and if you do want to buy anything, you can buy coffee from the cafe in the garden centre, but you can’t buy anything else.’ Why would I go to a Garden Centre to buy coffee? Surely if I wanted coffee, I would go to a coffee shop (perhaps if I went there I would be able to buy plants.) This is not the first time I have had a bizarre interaction with a shop assistant. One time, I went to buy 12 first class stamps. The shop assistant informed me that she couldn’t help as she only had books of six. I did go back to the Garden Centre the next day, having obsessively checked on the internet that they were open and selling goods. It wouldn’t have surprised me that by ‘open’ they meant ‘shut’ and that opening at 9am meant that you couldn’t get in until 6pm. I’m afraid I went on to be a bit of a nightmare customer, but that’s another story!


~ by envisioningutopia on April 11, 2012.

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