Had enough – gone back on holiday

Being back at work was a real struggle. Being stuck inside when you have spent most of the past 10 days outside was really hard. My legs got stiff and I found myself pacing about. The next day I decided to go for a long bike ride (my foot being out of action) hoping this would work. I arrived at work and within half an hour I had booked the next day off! I’m glad I did. The forecasted rain never happened, and although it was cool/warm the sun was out. We decided to go for a walk starting off in Hartwell village (North of Milton Keynes) and then circle round back towards Salcey forest. We didn’t want to take sandwiches and just see where we ended up. It was a complete contrast to the Lake District in the fact there were no hills. We walked across a number of crop fields, where villages emerged out of the carpet of green. We had to cross the M1 and we were lucky enough to see a Combine Harvester out spraying the crops. The highlight for me was seeing a pair of kestrals gliding above us. Eventually we reached the forest. There is a treetop walk here where you walk up a series of walkways through the trees. You don’t have the feeling of being intrepid or isolated here, but the boys enjoyed it. We spent some time in the cafe (along with the rest of the population) and then struck out to try and find an interesting route back to Hartwell. Unfortunately we couldn’t find an underpass under the M1, so we had to go over the road bridge. But overall it beat being stuck in an office!


~ by envisioningutopia on April 14, 2012.

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