I get to keep my left foot!

So judgement day had finally come. I was off to see a physiotherapist about my unfused metatarsal.
‘Come in, come in.’ she said. Swiftly followed by ‘bloody paperwork.’ It took her around 10 minutes just to fill it in. (Note to David Cameron: the NHS would be more efficient if it didn’t have to fill in so much paperwork) I reckon you could have squeezed in about 10 more patients! She asked to look at my feet and then launched into how brilliant feet are. I have to confess I found myself being swept along by her enthusiasm. All your feet do for you and you never really stop to think about it. They almost became the superhero of the body for me, though I reckon the brain is still at the top of my list. Apparently, I was born with the inability to walk properly on my feet, and this has taken its toll. I have a Robin Hood Bow on my big toe. (I suspect she was kind of trying to make it sound more romantic.) To my surprise she then took off her shoes and showed me her feet. They were nice feet. I admit to being slightly envious. Then she did something she rarely does with other patients, she showed me her insole. I felt very privileged. Having explained what had gone wrong and what she could do about it (including operation details, at which I felt sick) she then went on to talk about the degenerative arthritis diagnosis I had also acquired for my left foot.
‘What rubbish, of course you get wear and tear in your foot. You’re forty for God’s sake. You’re old. Look at this’ she cried as she shoved both her thumbs in my face. ”They’re buggered. That’s because I’m getting on’ It was at this point I tried to work out how old she actually was. About 55? So I have been referred to someone who can advise me on short term care and someone who can advise me on long term care. I came out a lot happier about my foot, a little less happy about my age.


~ by envisioningutopia on April 19, 2012.

One Response to “I get to keep my left foot!”

  1. Yes, it’s funny how you can take for granted that everything works properly. I’m awaiting diagnosis of neck MRI due to problems with hands – luckily just duiring/after sleep at the moment… I would have liked to get to 50 before being ailed with such problems. Jane x

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