Smells like ‘Team Spirit’ and Dragons

So yesterday my Team GB colleague, Ali Dodd embarked on inducting Milton Keynes College students and staff into the amazing world of Dragon Boat racing. It was a national event held at Caldecott lake and ours was the only scratch team to participate. We borrowed a boat and oars (I MEAN PADDLES) from the Secklow 100 team based in MK. I went along in the morning to take some photos and then went back in the afternoon and actually got racing! It was an amazing day. The weather was on our side and it hardly rained. The difference between the students in the morning and in the afternoon was phenomenal. A real team spirit had emerged, what’s more they all turned up for nine and stayed all day. There was no nastiness, no blame. Everyone wanted to do their best and help everyone else to perform. I had long and involved tuition from a couple of students about how to hold the paddle and how to row. On the boat we were all equals and apart from the one time when we almost capsized, (the water did not look very inviting) it was great to be part of it. We came third in every race. There were only three teams in each race, but in the end we just tried to smash our time. We had some fantastic helmsmen leant to us by Secklow, and a fab drummer as well. When we weren’t racing the head of MK6, Duncan sat in our camp strumming a small guitar, singing ‘Tight fit’s In the Jungle’ accompanied by a group of students. It’s something that I’ll never forget. It was very Psychologically disturbing. I’d highly recommend everyone to have a go at Dragon Boating, you get to be acquainted with all sorts of muscles that you never knew you had! Well done to Ali for such a great day!


~ by envisioningutopia on April 22, 2012.

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