Skype – sounds painful

Before my husband left for Barcelona on a business trip, he suggested that we might be able to talk on Skype. Generally when Andy talks about things I don’t understand, I switch off and hope it goes away.
‘Yeah that sounds great’ I said, hoping I sounded enthusiastic.
He looked happy. Job done.
The first night he texted me to see if I was ready.
‘To talk on Skype.’
‘Mmmm to be honest, I don’t really know what Skype is, so it may be tricky to talk on it.’
Another text came through with a web address and instructions to download something. Oh God, so many opportunities for me to cock up. So when I had plenty of time I decided to go for it. Why not take a risk?
I visited the website and clicked various buttons (my heart pounding all the while). I was given a username and had to make up a password. They even sent me an e mail welcoming me to their site. Which was thoughtful of them. The button/imagey thing is now sitting on my computer screen. It even looks quite comfortable there.
Feeling pretty pleased with myself, I texted Andy to tell him that I thought I had downloaded it and that, although I was not confident about having done it right, I might be able to give it a go. At least he couldn’t have me for not trying.
He texted me his username and asked me to add him as a contact! Like I have any idea how to do that.
I know readers of this blog may be fooled into thinking I’m a technical genius. I know what a blog is, for God’s sake. It was my friend Jen, who set this up and very patiently showed me how to work it. Andy doesn’t like the image at the top and suggested I change it. So far, I have pretended that I haven’t had enough time. In reality, I have no idea how to change it. Come on, you’re looking at someone who got a standing ovation from her students for downloading a song onto her IPOD!
So with great trepidation I logged on and after faffing about I think he is on as a contact. A photo popped up of him from the magical world of the internet.
Apparently I’m ready to go, though what to do, I’m not entirely sure. He is going to text me so we can Skype. Sounds painful!


~ by envisioningutopia on April 28, 2012.

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